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Payment Service Providers wishing to learn more about the European Payments Council’s (EPC) activities can find on this page information on the benefits of EPC membership, and the criteria and process to submit a membership application. The list of the current EPC members is also available below.

Benefits of EPC membership

The EPC offers one focal point and voice for the European Payment Service Providers’ sector on all European payment issues. It enables its members to be one step ahead regarding the evolution and development of payment schemes. In addition, the EPC builds position on various hot payment topics, in close dialogue with its members, and makes proposals towards European Union’s decision-makers. By joining the EPC, Payment Service Providers can have their say on European policies impacting their activity. Lastly, the EPC being a member organisation, adhering provides many networking opportunities within the payment sector. To learn more about the benefits of becoming a member of the EPC, the way it operates, its main achievements, and its anticipated focus in the coming year, discover our member value proposition and the ‘EPC in a snapshot’ document below.

The EPC proposes two categories of membership: apart from the standard membership which offers the benefits described above, it is also possible to become an ‘Associate member’. This membership category enables an organisation to participate in the relevant EPC working groups. However, it does not allow attendance and voting rights at the General Assembly.

How to become a member

Membership criteria

To be eligible to become and remain a member of the EPC, an applicant should be legally constituted and have legal personality in accordance with the laws and practices of its country of origin. The applicant should also:

  • have received an authorisation - which has not been suspended or withdrawn - from a competent authority of the European Economic Area and being regulated as a ‘payment service provider’ as defined in the Payment Services Directive (PSD), or have received an equivalent authorisation from an equivalent competent authority established in another country or territory included with the geographical scope of the SEPA Schemes; or 
  • be a legal entity representing and, directly or indirectly, having as members Payment Service Providers, and being established in a country or territory included with the geographical scope of the SEPA schemes. 

The detailed criteria for EPC membership are set out in the Charter of the EPC.

Application for membership

Payment Service Providers or associations thereof wishing to apply for EPC Membership are invited to submit an application for admission for membership to the Director General as follows:

  • Download the application material
  • Fill in and sign the template application letter and the French version of the EPC Charter (included with the application material) with your initials on each page, company stamp and signature on the first page and the last page of both documents
  • Send the original signed versions, with a scanned copy to the EPC Secretariat - secretariat@epc-cep.euto:
European Payments Council - Conseil Européen des Paiements AISBL
Etienne Goosse, Director General
Cours Saint-Michel 30A, B-1040 Brussels, Belgium


Your application will then be sent to the EPC Nominating and Governance Committee for recommendation to the General Assembly for approval.

For additional information, please contact: gert.heynderickx@epc-cep.eu.

List of EPC Members

74 organisations, representing Payment Service Providers throughout SEPA (banks and national associations of Payment Service Providers), are currently members of the EPC.


Netherlands Cyprus Italy Spain

Portugal Spain Spain Slovenia

Ireland France Germany Netherlands
France Germany Germany France
Portugal Spain United Kingdom Germany
Poland France France Croatia
Danske Bank
Czech Republic Denmark Denmark Germany
Germany Germany Norway Europe
Austria Europe Europe Europe
Europe Europe Belgium France
Finland Greece United Kingdom Hungary
Iceland Italy Netherlands Italy
Italy Germany Belgium Germany
Liechtenstein Luxembourg Malta United Kingdom
Finland Poland Poland Netherlands
Austria Romania Slovakia France
Austria Sweden Sweden United Kingdom
Spain Italy Switzerland Germany
Italy Germany    


List of EPC Associate Members

Currently one organisation is an EPC Associate Member.





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