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The ECSG publishes a new version of the SEPA Cards Standardisation Volume, effective today 01-03-2017

The European Cards Stakeholders Group (ECSG), the association promoting cards harmonisation in the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), and of which the EPC is a member, today publishes version 8.0 of the SEPA Cards Standardisation Volume (the Volume).

The Volume is a key document for the card industry, defining guidelines for cards standardisation. Version 8.0 takes into account a number of comments received during the public consultation organised in 2016.

In particular, this new version contains guidelines to facilitate the implementation of some aspects of the Interchange Fee Regulation.

Version 8.0 of the Volume takes effect immediately, for a three year period.

The Volume was previously maintained by the EPC, together with the Cards Stakeholders Group (on the basis of which the ECSG was later created, in 2016, with the formal legal status of an international not-for-profit association). The EPC contributed to the creation of version 8.0 of the Volume, like other ECSG members, and warmly welcomes the first publication of the Volume by the ECSG. This publication acknowledges today that the ECSG is now a fully-fledged association.

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