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SEPA Benefits for Customers


SEPA benefits, first and foremost, payment service providers customers including consumers, businesses and public administrations. Once SEPA is achieved, it will be possible to exchange euro payments between any accounts within SEPA as easily as it is within national borders today.

The implementation of innovative and competitive SEPA payment services translates into efficiency gains for businesses and public administrations. Common standards, faster settlement and simplified processing will improve cash flow, reduce costs and facilitate access to new markets. Consumers can rely on a single set of euro payment instruments throughout SEPA: one payment account, one payment card, one SEPA Credit Transfer (SCT) and one SEPA Direct Debit (SDD). Moreover, customers will enjoy benefits resulting from increased competition in the payments market. 

For more information, refer to the sources included in the information box at the foot of this page.

Payment service users are an important partner in the process of making SEPA a reality

The European Payments Council (EPC) calls on all stakeholders to participate in the change management cycle with regard to the evolution of the SCT and SDD Schemes. The EPC scheme change management process provides all stakeholders with the opportunity to introduce suggestions for modifications to the schemes and to take part in the three-month public consultation on updates to be incorporated into the scheme rulebooks. To learn more about the term 'SEPA payment scheme', refer to this dedicated page on the EPC Website: What is a Payment Scheme? For details on how to engage in the EPC scheme change management process, refer to this dedicated page on the EPC Website: SCT / SDD Rulebook Release Management and Scheme Development. More information about the EPC Scheme End-User Forum and the EPC Scheme Technical Forum is also available on the EPC Website, for stakeholders wishing to get involved in the EPC schemes. The EPC publishes all input and feedback received from SEPA stakeholders on the EPC Website (see link to 'EPC Consultations' below).

How can I learn more?

The EPC invites all stakeholders to take advantage of the numerous communication and consultation platforms offered by the EPC. The EPC Website and EPC social media platforms provide comprehensive, regular and timely information on all EPC activities and are designed to encourage stakeholders to directly engage with the EPC. The EPC also makes available publications, videos and podcasts responding to the information needs of specific stakeholder communities with regard to SEPA (see below). To keep up-to-date with latest developments, sign-up for the free quarterly online EPC Newsletteralso available in full, on the EPC Website.

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