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Join the European Payments Council (EPC) discussion board to have your say on recent Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) developments and highlight subjects that you would like to debate. The platform has been designed to ensure the communication of frequent and useful EPC information as well as engage the payments community and encourage the exchange of opinions. Please note that by accessing or contributing to the discussion board you agree to abide by the terms of the EPC Blogging Policy, so please read them carefully before doing so.

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12-07-2011 By Gerard Hartsink, Chair of the EPC

Welcome to this, the first post on the newly launched European Payments Council (EPC) Blog and Discussion Board.

The EPC has today launched this blog as a platform to encourage open and industry-wide discussion around developments in relation to the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) and associated issues in the payments and banking industry. Regular blog posts, from me and other EPC office holders, will aim to keep interested stakeholders updated on news and progress towards SEPA from the EPC's perspective. Equally, we hope that many of our blog readers will get involved in the SEPA debate and have their say. Please let us know your responses and reactions to blog posts and wider views, by using the comment functionality within the blog and linking external sources to content published here.

It is our ultimate goal to inspire debate and provide a platform with access to expert opinion, which is open to a diverse audience of banking, finance, payment professionals, consulting firms and vendors, corporations and public sector organisations and any other interested parties. Your comments and opinions are therefore important to us. Over the coming weeks, some of the discussion topics you will find here will include:

  • The European Union Regulation establishing technical requirements for credit transfers and direct debits in euro is in the pipeline. This forthcoming 'SEPA Regulation' is expected to define mandatory deadline(s) for migration to the SEPA payment schemes. The EPC advocates setting one end date for migration to SEPA Credit Transfer and SEPA Direct Debit (as opposed to two separate end dates).
  • As highlighted in issues 9 and 11 of the EPC Newsletter, the consolidated 'Basel III' text published by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision in December 2010 contains important provisions affecting banks that provide access to payment systems for their clients or other settlement-related facilities. We will further discuss the impact of 'Basel III' on the payment sector.

To receive updates on new EPC Blog entries, please subscribe to our RSS feed. In addition to launching its blog today, the EPC has also gone live with Twitter (@EPC_SEPA) and LinkedIn profiles. This is part of a move by the EPC to make its news and views easier for anyone to find online. Please follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to keep up to date with the latest EPC news and activity.

We hope that you find these new EPC communication platforms useful. We really look forward to engaging with our stakeholders through the EPC Blog and Discussion Board going forward! The next entry will be posted on 26 July 2011.

If there is a particular issue you would like us to address within a future blog post, please feel free to make a recommendation using the comment functionality below.


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