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EPC Newsletter Issue 5 - January 2010

EPC News

The EPC Shortcut Series: continued
Three new EPC publications highlight key concepts of a SEPA for Cards

28.01.10 BY Meral Ruesing


The EPC Shortcut Series is part of the material made available by the EPC to inform market participants about the SEPA process and related EPC deliverables. The two-page flyers released in the Shortcut Series ensure easy access to key SEPA concepts and are the ideal starting point to explore different aspects of the SEPA programme. In January 2010, the EPC released new Shortcuts outlining the SEPA Cards Framework (SCF) developed by the EPC and the ten best reasons for merchants to practice SEPA, respectively.

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Shortcut to the SEPA Cards Framework

The aim of creating a SEPA for Cards is to facilitate a consistent customer experience when making or accepting payments with cards. The SEPA Cards Framework (SCF) developed by the EPC outlines high level principles and rules that when implemented by banks and card schemes will deliver this consistent experience. The "Shortcut to the SEPA Cards Framework" summarises the high level principles and rules defined in the SCF.


Merchants - the 10 best Reasons to practice SEPA

SEPA will have an important impact on European merchants' approach to card acceptance and the services they receive from their banks. Those that have a high tourist or adjacent border spend will see significant change and improvement as will those that currently have to accept high volumes of cash. This publication highlights the benefits of a SEPA for Cards for merchants across the 32 SEPA countries.


Other EPC publications on the SEPA initiative

Additional EPC publications dedicated to the SEPA information needs of consumers, businesses, public administrations and other interested parties are available for download on the EPC web site / SEPA Customers.


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