SEPA Credit Transfer

2016 Scheme Participation Fees


In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Scheme Management Internal Rules, scheme participation fees are being established on a yearly basis at scheme participant level and depend on the number of schemes adhered to.

In the case of a declared group or grouping as defined in the EMIR Regulation[1], the scheme participation fees will be consolidated and calculated based on a sliding scale taking into account the number of scheme participants that are part of such a group or grouping across the geographical scope of the schemes; the consolidated scheme participation fee amount will cover all three Schemes (SEPA Credit Transfer, SEPA Direct Debit Core, SEPA Direct Debit Business to Business) and be due by the parent undertaking or the central body of the corresponding group or grouping.

The 2016 scheme participation fees are as follows:


Individual Participant - not part of a declared group(ing):

SEPA Credit Transfer

SEPA Direct Debit Core

SEPA Direct Debit B2B

All three Schemes

EUR 199

EUR 293

EUR 381

EUR 873


Declared group(ing):

Number of Participants per group(ing)

Group(ing) fee


EUR 1,747


EUR 4,367


EUR 6,987


EUR 13,100


EUR 17,466


EUR 26,200


EUR 34,933

Above 1,000

EUR 43,666


Note: Local VAT may in some cases be due on the above amounts.


[1] For those Participants located in a country outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and within the geographical scope of the Schemes the definition of “group” will need to fulfil substantially equivalent requirements as those referred to in the EMIR Regulation.

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