SEPA Direct Debit (SDD)

SDD Core Additional Optional Services (AOS)


Section 2.4 of the SDD Core Rulebook states:

The Scheme recognises that individual Participants and communities of Participants will provide complementary services based on the Scheme so as to meet further specific Customer expectations. These are described as Additional Optional Services ('AOS').  The following two types of AOS are identified:

  • Additional Optional Services provided by Participants to their customers as value-added services which are nevertheless based on the core payment schemes. These AOS are purely a matter for Participants and their customers in the competitive space.
  • Additional Optional Services provided by local, national and pan-European communities of Participants, such as the use of additional data elements in the ISO 20022 XML Standards. Any community usage rules for the use of the SEPA core mandatory subset of the ISO 20022 XML Standards should also be mentioned in this context, although they are not per se AOS. Other AOS may be defined, for example relating to community-provided delivery channels for customers.

Participants may only offer AOS in accordance with the following principles:

  • All AOS must not compromise interoperability of the Scheme nor create barriers to competition. The Scheme Management Board (SMB) may receive complaints from Participants in relation to the operation of community AOS. The SMB will strive to resolve the issue in an amicable way. If no solution can be found, the SMB may refer the complaint to the Compliance and Adherence Committee, which will deal with it in an appropriate way, in accordance with the Scheme Management Internal Rules.
  • AOS are part of the market space and should be established and evolve based on market needs. Based on these market needs, the EPC may incorporate commonly used AOS features into the Scheme through the change management processes set out in the Internal Rules.
  • There should be transparency in relation to community AOS. In particular, details of community AOS relating to the use of data elements present in the ISO 20022 XML Standards (including any community usage rules for the SEPA core mandatory subset) should be disclosed on a publicly available website (in both local language(s) and English).

These AOS are not further described in the Rulebook as they are generally to be considered as competitive offerings provided by both individual Participants and communities of Participants and are out of scope.

The following operational SDD Core AOS have been advised to the EPC. For each AOS a link is provided to the website where the specification of the AOS is publicly available for download.

Belgium - Description of AOS's applied to SCT and SDD - Structured Remittance Information 'OGM - VCS'

Greece - Description of Additional Optional Services Applied to SEPA Direct Debit

Italy - Description of SEPA-compliant Electronic Database Alignment (SEDA) Additional Optional Service - English version of the SEDA Interbank Agreement and the SEDA Implementation Guidelines

Important Disclaimer:

The EPC has used reasonable endeavours to make this list of current SDD Core AOS accurate and complete, it does not accept liability for any errors or omissions arising directly or indirectly from use of the information or data contained in the above list.

The EPC cannot be held liable for any consequence in case (groups of) individual SDD Core scheme participants would not have reported the provision of other SDD Core AOS to the EPC.

Links from this website to other sites are for information purposes only. EPC accepts no responsibility or liability arising from access to, or for the material on, any site to which it is linked, nor does the presence of links to other sites imply any endorsement by EPC of these sites, their contents or their privacy practices.

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