SEPA Direct Debit (SDD)

Use of SDD Core Options


The SEPA Direct Debit (SDD) Core Rulebook provides payment service providers (PSPs) participating in the scheme with the opportunity to offer the following optional scheme features.

Optional scheme features

Electronic mandate (e-mandate): the SDD Core scheme includes the option to issue a mandate electronically. The debtor bank validates the e-mandates issued by a payer (debtor) wishing to make payments by SDD either itself or through a validation service provider acting on behalf of the debtor bank. The routing service, necessary to facilitate the communication between all parties involved in the process, is supplied to the biller (creditor) by the creditor bank or by one or more routing service provider(s) acting on behalf of the creditor bank. The biller (creditor) and his bank should have an agreement on the conditions for use of routing service(s).

Advance mandate information (AMI): this optional feature enables the debtor bank to widen its mandate management options allowing, for example, more time for the debtor bank to validate whether a payer (debtor) authorised a direct debit collection. AMI applies only to paper mandates and allows the creditor to provide mandate related information to the debtor bank by sending a separate message to the creditor bank independently of a collection, from the moment that the mandate has been signed by the payer (debtor) and dematerialised by the biller (creditor). This feature will cease to exist as of 19 November 2017.

Use of optional scheme features by groups or individual SDD Core scheme participants

The communities or groups of individual SDD Core scheme participants listed below have informed the EPC about their use of one or more of the optional features included in the SDD Core Rulebook.

Contact point details of the community or groups of individual SDD Core scheme participants are made available with the external links listed below. Upon request, the contact point will provide the list of individual scheme participants using the option(s) as well as information about how the option(s) is (are) applied within the community or between groups of individual SDD Core scheme participants.

The use of the following SDD Core Rulebook options has been advised to the European Payments Council AISBL (EPC):

Electronic mandate (e-mandate): The Dutch Payments Association announces that Dutch banks support an e-Mandate solution: “Incassomachtigen” both for SDD Core and SDD B2B. For more detailed information please see or contact info@betaalvereniging.nlThe list of participating banks (Debtor and/or Creditor banks), Routing and Mandate Service Providers is available through Participating banks and RMSPS.

Advance Mandate Information (AMI): no scheme participants currently use this option.

Important Disclaimer:

The EPC has used reasonable endeavours to make this list on the use of the SDD Core Rulebook options accurate and complete, it does not accept liability for any errors or omissions arising directly or indirectly from use of the information or data contained in the above list.

The EPC cannot be held liable for any consequence in case (groups of) individual SDD Core scheme participants would not have reported the use of one or more SDD Core Rulebook options to the EPC.

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