• “With the euro introduction, EU governments, the European Parliament, the European Commission and the ECB called on the banking industry to develop harmonised SEPA schemes for electronic euro payments. The EPC delivered as requested. Payment service users confirm: migration to SCT and SDD generates tangible benefits.”

    Javier Santamaría, Chairman of the European Payments Council (EPC), January 2014

  • “Today, a big part of the Single Euro Payments Area has become reality. In all euro countries citizens have now available a common and simple way to pay at home and across borders: SEPA credit transfers (SCT) and SEPA direct debit (SDD). (…) Completing the migration of payments to SEPA today is a real success.”

    European Commission press release, 1 August 2014

  • “Meeting the next SEPA deadlines established by the European Union lawmakers applicable in 2016 requires continued and coordinated efforts by the public authorities driving the SEPA process, the representatives of payment service users as well as banks and other service providers. Act now.”

    Javier Santamaría, Chairman of the European Payments Council (EPC), August 2014

  • “The advantages of SEPA are considerable for the euro area. (...) The Eurosystem, under its mandate, is committed to supporting the SEPA project to promote the smooth operation of payment systems, both as a contribution to the efficiency of the euro area economy and as a way to support continued trust in the euro.”

    Mario Draghi, President of the European Central Bank (ECB), October 2013. (The Eurosystem comprises the ECB and the national central banks of the EU Member States whose currency is the euro.)

  • The success of SEPA is very important economically as well as politically. Both the European Parliament and the Council [representing EU governments] have underlined the importance of achieving rapid migration to SEPA.”

    Regulation (EU) No 260/2012 establishing technical and business requirements for credit transfers and direct debits in euros (the SEPA Regulation), March 2012


The European Payments Council (EPC) supports and promotes the creation of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA).

The EPC is the decision-making and coordination body of the European banking industry in relation to payments. The EPC develops the payment schemes and frameworks which help to realise SEPA. SEPA is a European Union (EU) integration initiative in the area of payments. SEPA is the logical next step in the completion of the EU internal market and monetary union.


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