EPC clarifying statement for complaints from Non-PSPs regarding the SEPA Schemes

To the attention of all direct debit or credit transfer users:

  1. In the event of complaints from scheme ( direct debit or credit transfer) users who are directly concerned by the operation of a scheme and in situations where it relates to the services offered by the complainant’s Payment Service Provider ( ), users should in such case first address their respective , then - if need be – they should contact their competent (national or local) public and/or private complaint-handling bodies in a next step. The list of competent and out-of-court complaint bodies in the European Union may be consulted on the European Commission’s webpage (http://ec.europa.eu/finance/payments/sepa/role/index_en.htm , direct links: competent authorities, out-of-court complaint and redress bodies).
  2. Only in the event of a complaint that by its very nature is of scheme-wide importance such complaint may be submitted for consideration to the .  Complaints are understood to be of scheme-wide importance if such matter could be seen as creating reputational damage to the Scheme or if it could negatively affect the integrity or the proper functioning of the Scheme. The may refuse complaints if it reaches the conclusion that a particular complaint at hand does not qualify to be of scheme-wide importance. In the latter case the complainant is referred to the process described under section 1 above.
  3. Please also note that any party directly concerned by the Direct Debit Core Scheme (to be replaced with ‘ Credit Transfer Scheme’ on the relevant page on website) (e.g. including users) may submit to the so-called ‘change requests’ for amending the scheme rulebook(s) as part of the ’s  change management process and cycle, described in section 4 of the ’s Scheme Management Internal Rules [link]. Please refer to this page to learn more about when and how it is possible to submit change requests.

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