Guidance on the migration to the 2019 version of the ISO 20022-based XML messaging standard

All ISO 20022 standard-based XML payment messages specified under the four 2023 Single Euro Payments Area ( ) payment scheme rulebooks entering into force on 19 November 2023 will be based on the 2019 version of the ISO 20022 standard. This migration to the 2019 version by November 2023 results from a decision taken by the back in September 2020.

On 27 October 2022, the European Payments Council ( ) published the version 2.0 of the guidance document EPC087-22 for payment scheme participants and payment service users on how to prepare themselves for and to handle the change-over to the 2019 version of ISO 20022 by 19 November 2023.

The document determines the concrete impact of such ISO version migration on the various payment scheme processes for the payment scheme participants and payment service users concerned.

It also gives guidance to payment scheme participants and payment service users on how they can deal with the payment initiation, acceptance and processing aspects affected by the ISO version migration.

The version 2.0 contains the following new elements compared to the version 1.0 published in May 2022:

  • The decision to set the entry-into-force time of the 2023 rulebook at 03:30 CET on 19 November 2023 (instead of 08:00 CET earlier communicated). This new entry-into-force time will be preceded by a -wide 30 minutes downtime period from 03:00 CET up to 03:30 CET. During that downtime period, no single instruction, transaction, r-transaction, transaction investigation and any response message related to them will be possible. 
  • The inclusion in the section 3.2 of a reference to the EPC guidance document EPC 153-22 on the exclusive use of structured addresses as of 23 November 2025.
  • Amendments in the last paragraph in the guidance box under section 3.4 to clarify what the Originator and Creditor need to do when they 'warehouse' themselves pain.files until the instructed execution date is reached.

In the run-up to the entry into force date of the 2023 payment scheme rulebooks, this guidance document may be updated from time to time based on further clarification requests from payment service users and/or payment scheme participants.

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