Mobile Contactless SEPA Card Payments Interoperability Implementation Guidelines (MCP IIGs) for public consultation

Guidance documents
Multi-stakeholder group on mobile contactless SEPA card payments (MSG MCP)

The has facilitated the setting-up of a multi-stakeholder group covering the various sectors involved in the mobile payment ecosystem to develop a new version of the Mobile Contactless Card Payments Implementation Interoperability Guidelines (), while leveraging the relevant documentation developed in standardisation and industry bodies.

The guidelines focus on interoperability between the different stakeholders involved in the mobile contactless card payment ecosystem. In particular, they address the interoperability aspects related to the mobile contactless card payment application life cycle management.

Furthermore, they cover some aspects of the technical interoperability of a mobile contactless card transaction, including a number of options, which are at the discretion of the issuers and acquirers.

The document further provides an insight into the technical and security infrastructure. It hereby covers three types of Secure Elements (SEs) in the mobile phone to store the mobile contactless card payment application, namely the UICC (Universal Integrated Circuit Card – the so-called SIM), the embedded SE (Secure Element) and embedded UICC1, in addition to HCE2-based (a software architecture that allows the emulation of a contactless card on the mobile device) cloud solutions.

The document endeavours to:

  • Enable the quick development and implementation of mobile contactless card payment solutions.
  • Avoid further fragmentation of the market for mobile contactless card payments and promote reach.
  • Provide transparency to market participants by describing the roles of the stakeholders involved.

In order to help developing a successful mobile contactless card payment ecosystem that provides value for all, it is very important to gather industry opinion and feedback regarding these guidelines. The multi-stakeholder group values additional stakeholder opinions and welcomes any feedback and comments that they can provide regarding the document using the questionnaire by 26 January 2018.

1: In contrast to the well-known UICC (or SIM card), this is a new hardware version of a UICC which is non-removable and built-in within the mobile device by its manufacturer. It offers the user the possibility to change its mobile network operator over-the-air (OTA), without needing to physically change the embedded UICC itself.
2: HCE does not require the usage of a secure element on the mobile device for the storage of sensitive data and enables a simpler mobile contactless card payment ecosystem.

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