Following the publication of the “Mobile Initiated (Instant) Credit Transfer Interoperability Guidance” (MSCT IG – EPC269-19v1.0) document, the ad-hoc multi-stakeholder group on MSCTs has conducted through a newly established dedicated work-stream, a more detailed analysis of the technical interoperability of MSCTs based on payer-presented data. 

Firstly, the document describes new illustrative MSCT use cases for the Customer-to-Business (C2B) payment context based on consumer-presented data, in addition to those already included in the MSCT IG. Next, the document focuses on the interconnectivity and related functionality needed amongst MSCT service providers to enable interoperability for MSCT use cases based on payer-presented data (e.g. through a QR-code).  More particularly, the process flow has been analysed for MSCTs based on consumer-presented data containing a token for a C2B payment. The document also defines the minimum data set to be exchanged between the payer and the payee and in the payment request messages to enable the initiation of such an MSCT by the payer. 

In order to facilitate the development of a successful MSCT ecosystem that provides value for all, it is very important to gather industry opinion and feedback regarding this new document. The multi-stakeholder group welcomes any feedback and comments that you may have regarding the document, using the dedicated questionnaire (MSG MSCT 041-20v1.0). 

Feedback should be sent to  [email protected] by 24 July 2020.

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