Agenda and minutes of the 6th meeting of the EPC Scheme End-User Forum (March 2018)

The Scheme End-User Forum (SEUF) is formed by representatives of European associations of end-users of the schemes, such as consumers, (e-) merchants and corporate treasurers.

The SEUF held its sixth meeting on 07 March 2018. The approved agenda and minutes are available on this page.

During this meeting, the SEUF appointed its second co-Chair amongst the SEUF members representing European associations of end-users.

It discussed in detail the various rulebook change requests which the received by the end of 2017. These change requests are subject to a public consultation from 13 March to 10 June 2018.

The SEUF further discussed the scheme implementation status at that point in time. The main topics were the scheme adherence status and projections, and issues from scheme participants about the current processing. It also gave some end-user recommendations about the processing to the and scheme participants.

There are still vacant seats for European associations of end-users of the SEPA schemes. Application letters including an up-to-date CV in English should be sent to [email protected].

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