The ad-hoc multi-stakeholder group (MSG) on Mobile Initiated Credit Transfers, including instant transfers (MSG MSCT) which is facilitated by the European Payments Council ( ), held its eighth Plenary meeting on 29 October 2019. 

The document “Mobile Initiated (Instant) Credit Transfer Interoperability Guidance” was finalised and approved during the meeting for publication on the website subject to Board approval.

The MSG also made progress on the development of a dedicated document on interoperability of MSCT solutions based on payee-presented data. The document was due to be finalised by mid-December 2019 for publication on the website for an eight week public consultation.

The MSG is also further analysing MSCT use cases for retail payments based on consumer-presented data. 

The group also agreed to request an extension of their mandate to further analyse interoperability aspects for MSCT solutions based on payer-presented data as well as the usage of other proximity technologies for the initiation of MSCTs , besides QR-codes, e.g. Near Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth-Low-Energy (BLE). The aim would also be to develop a roadmap for MSCTs. This mandate extension was subsequently approved by the Board and may be found below.

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