Agenda and minutes of the first meeting of the ad-hoc multi-stakeholder group on mobile initiated SEPA credit transfers (SCTs), including SCT Instant (May 2018)

The new ad-hoc multi-stakeholder group (MSG) on Mobile Initiated Credit Transfers, including instant transfers (MSG MSCT) which is facilitated by the , held its first meeting on 25 May 2018. The mandate of the group is to develop MSCT Interoperability Implementation Guidelines (IIGs). The first meeting included, after a welcome and introduction of all members of the group, a presentation on the two schemes: Credit Transfer ( ) and  Instant Credit Transfers ( ). It further included a review and discussion on the table of content for the guidelines. Furthermore, a first discussion was held on possible MSCT use cases and a presentation and review took place on the various contributions received from different members of the group.

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