Agenda and minutes of the second meeting of the ad-hoc multi-stakeholder group on mobile initiated SEPA credit transfers (SCTs), including SCT Instant (September 2018)

The ad-hoc multi-stakeholder group (MSG) on Mobile Initiated Credit Transfers, including instant transfers (MSG MSCT) which is facilitated by the European Payments Council ( ), held its second meeting on 7 September 2018. A presentation was provided by GS1 on the Hippos (Händlerbasiertes Instant Payment am POS) in Germany. Progress reports were made by the two established work-streams: MSCT use cases and MSCT risk and security. The group was informed about the presentation provided on the EIPP (Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment) multi-stakeholder group’s work on “Request-to-Pay” and the decision taken to develop a Business-to-business (B2B) MSCT use case illustrating the usage of this feature. The remainder of the meeting was mainly devoted to a discussion on the decomposition of MSCTs into functional building blocks and the review and discussion on inputs received related to the draft document on the description of MSCT use cases, both for mobile Person-to-person ( ) and mobile retail payments (mobile-commerce and in-store). 

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