The ad-hoc multi-stakeholder group on Mobile Initiated (instant) Credit Transfers ( MSCT), which is facilitated by the European Payments Council ( ), held its 20th Plenary meeting on 22 March 2021. 

The MSCT is currently developing in their work-stream on technical interoperability a new document on MSCT interoperability for unsuccessful and R-transactions as well as a document on the Minimum data elements in the MSCT interoperability messages

The various work-streams also started the maintenance process of the MSCT IG (EPC269-19) and prepare the second release of this document which would also integrate the documents EPC312-19 and EPC096-20 published last year as well as EPC031-21, following the public consultation on this document, launched in March 2021. 

Furthermore, the MSCT established a joint Task Force with the European Cards Stakeholders Group (ECSG) to develop requirements for Consumer selection of preferred payment instrument at the point of interaction (POI), as requested by Recommendation B in the Euro Retail Payments Board ( ) November 2020 Statement. This TF had their kick-off meeting on 25 March 2021.

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