Minutes of the fifth and sixth meeting of the ad hoc multi-stakeholder group on mobile contactless SEPA card payments (June and July 2017)

The ad hoc multi-stakeholder group for the update of the Mobile Contactless Card Payments Interoperability Implementation Guidelines (the MSG MCP) held its fifth and sixth meeting in June and July 2017 respectively.

In both meetings, good progress was made on the update of the document Mobile Contactless Card (MCP) Payments Interoperability Implementation Guidelines. The work on the MCP models and roles with related functions, involved in the life cycle management processes of the MCPs was finalised. The use cases for parking and loyalty were further debated. The updates to the chapter on the MCP application, covering the Cardholder Verification Methods (CVMs), card authentication, transaction processing and risk management were reviewed. In particular the concept of a Consumer Device CVM (CDCVM), including e.g. biometrics, was introduced as a cardholder verification method while ensuring alignment with the recent work of EMVCo on this subject. A first review on the chapter on the MCP architecture and the technical and security infrastructure for MCPs was conducted and the updates needed with the corresponding required inputs were identified.

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