Minutes of the seventh and eight meeting of the ad-hoc multi-stakeholder group on mobile contactless SEPA card payments (September 2017)

The ad hoc multi-stakeholder group for the update of the Mobile Contactless Card Payments Interoperability Implementation Guidelines held its seventh and eight meeting on 1 and 22 September 2017 respectively.

These meetings focused on the finalisation of the Mobile Contactless Card (MCP) Payments Interoperability Implementation Guidelines. The chapter on mobile contactless transaction aspects was reviewed and the group reached a final agreement on the integration of the concept of customer device cardholder verification method (CD CVM). Also the mobile contactless card payment use cases for parking and loyalty in this chapter were concluded. The chapter on the MCP architecture and the technical and security infrastructure for MCPs was further debated and the various contributions received to address the missing gaps in this chapter were reviewed and integrated, including sections on tokenisation, card application manager, the selection of the application, etc. The last chapter on conclusions as well as the executive summary were discussed and agreement on the final wording was obtained. The group also reviewed the dedicated questionnaire that was developed to accompany the three month public consultation on the document.

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