Steering Committee of the Mobile Proxy Forum: Summary of the fifteenth meeting (March 2018)

The fifteenth meeting of the Steering Committee of the Mobile Proxy Forum ( ), which focuses on pan-European interoperability of person-to-person ( ) mobile payments, was held on 20 March 2018.

During this meeting, the Steering Committee was informed about the outcome of the evaluation of the responses to the Request for Proposal  to provide a Standardised Proxy Lookup ( ) service. Based on the analysis prepared by the Market Implementation Working Group and presented in an anonymous manner, the selected its preferred service provider via a voting process. In addition, a status update was provided on the future governance of the service.

During the 4 May 2018 conference call of the Steering Committee it was revealed that equensWorldline is the selected service provider, subject to contract. Parties interested in participating in the service are kindly invited to contact Mr. Henrik Hodam at equensWorldline ([email protected]).

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