Approval Scheme for EPC Approved CAs for e-Mandate Services

According to the June 2009 Plenary decision on the recommendation on the establishment and the Governance of " Approved Certification Authorities" in support of the e-Mandates Scheme for Direct Debit, will allow any established CA, which has been approved by the according to the dedicated approval process for e-Mandate Service CAs, to provide certificates to the market. The technical requirements and specifications for the CA services are described in a separate document "Requirements and Specification for Approved Server CAs for e-Mandate Services" (EPC291-09) . The present document aims to specify the approval process for these CAs.

The follows the general approach of multiple CAs, each offering one or more CA services, with the establishment of a so-called Trust-Service Status List (TSL) for e-Mandate Services (based on ETSI 102 231) that contains all relevant public key certificates of all Approved CAs for e-Mandate Services. has contracted a Trust Body to establish and maintain this TSL, known as the "TSL Trust Body".

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