Call for Candidates Seeking Appointment to EPC Scheme Technical Forum

With the main phase of the migration to harmonised Single Euro Payments Area ( ) payment schemes in the euro area complete, the European Payments Council ( ) resolved to adapt its governance model. For more information, refer to the Blog, entitled ‘European Payments Council 2.0: the has adapted its structure to further enhance governance and stakeholder involvement’ (see ‘related links’ below). The new governance model became operational with the publication of the revised Charter in February 2015 followed by the publication of the amended document ‘ Scheme Management Internal Rules’ in April 2015. 

The points out that the adjustments to its governance model are of an evolutionary rather than a revolutionary nature. They contribute to ensuring that the meets its purpose, which is to support and promote European payments integration and development, notably . The primary objective of this evolution is to ensure that the continues to be best equipped to perform its main task, i.e. to manage the Credit Transfer ( ) and Direct Debit ( ) Schemes, in an efficient and transparent manner.

To strengthen the dialogue between the as the and scheme manager and the -compliant clearing and settlement mechanisms (CSMs), the ‘ Clearing and Settlement Forum’ was created in 2011.

With the new governance model operational, the ‘ Clearing and Settlement Forum’ will be replaced by the ‘ Scheme Technical Forum’. The scope of the new Scheme Technical Forum will be expanded to allow the dialogue with representatives of CSMs as well as technology and service providers developing technical solutions. Details on the role of the Scheme Technical Forum are set out in section 4.4 of the document ‘ Scheme Management Internal Rules’ (see ‘related links’ below).

The calls for candidates representing CSMs or technology and service providers who seek appointment to the Scheme Technical Forum to become effective in the third quarter of 2015.

The vacancies are for a maximum of 25 seats.

It is anticipated that the Scheme Technical Forum will meet physically or by telephone conference at least twice yearly.

The composition of, and the criteria for membership in, the Scheme Technical Forum are described in the document ‘EPC095-15 Profile - Member of Scheme Technical Forum (ESTF)’ (see ‘related files’ below).

Application letters including an up-to-date CV in English are invited to: by 15 May 2015 close of business.

remains a work in progress. The is ready and looks forward to making the next steps in the process in close dialogue with all stakeholders.

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