EPC Publication: Shortcut for Merchants - the 10 best Reasons to Practice SEPA

The Single Euro Payments Area ( ) for cards sets the conditions to offer European cardholders general purpose cards to make euro payments and withdraw euro cash throughout , with the same ease and convenience as in their home country. It also enables European merchants to choose which compliant card acceptance brand and product they wish to accept and with which acquirer(s) (i.e. a payment service provider that services card-accepting merchants) they wish to contract, without this choice being artificially constrained by legal, technical, or procedural issues. European merchants benefit from a more competitive acquiring market, and are able to choose which card schemes to accept and from which acquirer.

The publications released in the 'Shortcut Series' made available by the European Payments Council ( ) highlight key concepts and deliverables in non-technical terms. To view the entire series, visit this dedicated page on the Website: SEPA Customers. To learn more about the ’s work in the area of cards, visit this dedicated page on the Website: SEPA Cards.

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