The SEPA Proxy Lookup (SPL) Scheme Rulebook 2019 Change Request Public Consultation

It is a key objective of the that the Proxy Lookup ( ) scheme is able to develop with an evolving payments market. To meet the demands of the scheme participants and stakeholders including end-users and payment service provider ( ) communities, the scheme is subject to a change management process that is structured, transparent and open, governed by the rules of the management and evolution function of Scheme Management.
This scheme rulebook 2019 change request public consultation document details:

  • Change requests submitted by stakeholder representatives including or communities and by the ’s Scheme Participant Group (SPG) for possible modifications to be introduced into the next version (v2.0) of the scheme rulebook. 
  • SPG recommendations on the way forward with regard to the individual change requests.

The submits this document for public consultation in accordance with the procedures set out in the scheme rulebook (for further details please check section 3.2 ‘Maintenance and Evolution (change management process)’).

The public consultation period will run from 24 May until 26 August 2019

All interested parties with a legitimate interest are encouraged to provide feedback on the possible changes to be introduced into the next version of the scheme rulebook by returning the completed response template (EPC104-19) to [email protected] by 26 August 2019 at 19h00 CEST at the latest

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