Report on Public Consultation 2014 – SEPA Direct Debit Business to Business

The Single Euro Payments Area ( ) payment schemes, as set out in the Credit Transfer ( ) and Direct Debit ( ) Rulebooks, evolve based on a transparent change management process adhered to by the European Payments Council ( ). This evolution reflects changes in market needs and updates of technical standards. The principles governing the evolution of the Schemes are set out in the Scheme Management Internal Rules, which are an integral part of the rulebooks.

The scheme change management process provides all stakeholders with the opportunity to participate, i.e. to introduce suggestions for changes to the schemes, from an early stage. All interested parties were invited to submit suggestions for changes to be incorporated into the updated versions of the and Rulebooks by 28 February 2014. All suggestions for changes to the rulebooks that were received by that date were consolidated into a single change request document per rulebook (the Rulebook, the Rulebook and the Business to Business (B2B) Rulebook). As with previous scheme change cycles, all proposed changes to the schemes were released with the change request documents for a three-month public consultation (this time between 19 May and 15 August 2014).

Here you find the report (EPC188-14) which features the feedback received from stakeholders during the 2014 public consultation on possible modifications to the Rulebook (see ‘related files’ below).

The Rulebook version 6.0, published in November 2014 to take effect on 22 November 2015, reflects the results of the 2014 public consultation. To view the Rulebook version 6.0, refer to this dedicated Website page: 2015 SDD Rulebooks.

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