Request for Proposal for the EPC Directory Service

The EPC payment-related schemes such as Verification of Payee (VOP), SEPA Payment Account Access (SPAA), and SEPA Request-to-Pay (SRTP) and – mandate the use of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for the transmission of scheme transactions. This creates new challenges, to ensure reachability, interoperability and the well-functioning of the schemes between API-based scheme participants:

  • On the “originator” side, a scheme participant needs to know what are the API end-points (URLs) of the “receiving” participant, and needs certainty that this participant is an adherent to the scheme, properly registered in the Register of Participants (RoP) of the EPC.
  • On the “beneficiary” side, a scheme participant needs certainty that the sender (API caller, originating scheme participant) is trusted, and it is an adherent to the scheme, properly registered in the RoP of the EPC.

Therefore, for operating these API-based schemes, new information needs to be managed and made available to scheme participants, such as the API end-points and information about the identity and roles of scheme participants within a specific API-based scheme. 

In the EPC’s view, these operational tasks form the role of Operational Scheme Manager (OSM) of an EPC Directory Service (EDS), open to the participants of the schemes, in close relation with the EPC. 

Therefore, the EPC is launching a request for proposal (RFP) for selecting a technology service provider to play the role of OSM, in charge of developing and operating the EDS. This RFP follows up on the related Request For Information (RFI) published last year.

Please submit this form to download the RFP document and the EPC Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

The applicants must notify their intention to respond to this RFP and send the duly signed NDA by 30 April 2024 18h00 CET.

Written questions concerning the RFP can also be submitted until 30 April 2024 18h00 CET.

The applications can be sent by email as indicated in the RFP document, until 21 May 2024 18h00 CET.

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