2019 Public Consultation – SPL Scheme Change Proposal Submission Document

It is a key objective of the that the Proxy Lookup ( ) scheme is able to develop with an evolving payments market. To meet the demands of the scheme participants and stakeholders including end-users and communities, the scheme is subject to a change management process that is structured, transparent and open, governed by the rules of the management and evolution function of scheme management.

All stakeholders were invited to submit their change requests for the 2019 rulebook change management cycle by 31 March 2019. As a next step, the received change requests (together with the recommendations of the Scheme Participant Group ( SPG) on the way forward concerning the individual change requests) were submitted for a public consultation, which ran from 24 May until 26 August 2019.

Following the termination of the three-month public consultation, the SPG collected and analysed the level of support and comments received for each change request, based on which it prepared change proposals.

The SPG consolidated the change proposals, along with each change request and the related non-confidential comments received from the contributors during the public consultation, in the change proposal submission document which was submitted to the Board for approval.
The completed change proposal submission document, including the decision of the Board on each change proposal can be downloaded below.

Document download