Book 5 - Conformance Verification Processes - SEPA Cards Standardisation Volume

On 8 December 2015 the European Payments Council ( ) together with the Cards Stakeholders Group (CSG) published version 7.1 of the Single Euro Payments Area ( ) Cards Standardisation Volume (the SCS Volume), ready for market implementation. This document defines a standard set of requirements to enable an interoperable and scalable card and terminal infrastructure across , based on open international card standards. The seven books of the SCS Volume version 7.1 cover a set of requirements applicable to card-present (face-to-face or local) and card-not-present (remote) transactions to allow investment decisions and implementation based on stable requirements.

Here you find Book 5 (Conformance Verification Processes) of the SCS Volume version 7.1

Book 5 - ‘Conformance Verification Processes’ defines the methods which allow to verify actual conformance with the SCS Volume requirements of a given card or terminal product or device.

  • Based on those requirements, an implementation specification is developed, which allows a solution provider (e.g. a point of sale vendor) to develop products (e.g. a point of interaction terminal) against it. The conformance of a product towards an implementation specification is controlled by the certification process.
  • The labelling process, which is optional, verifies that an implementation specification and its environment conform to the requirements of the SCS Volume.
  • Type approval is defined as a final validation, performed by an approval body, before the product or solution may be deployed and used.

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