Draft SEPA Instant Credit Transfer Rulebook for Public Consultation and Response Template

Public consultation
Instant credit transfer

The European Payments Council () issues the draft Instant Credit Transfer scheme rulebook ( Inst rulebook) (EPC004-16; see ‘related files’ below) for a public consultation taking place between 12 April and 10 July 2016. The document setting the maximum amount per instruction and explaining the governance process to review this maximum amount outside the regular scheme rulebook release management cycle is also available for the public consultation (EPC023-16; see ‘related files’ below).

The draft SCT Inst rulebook outlines the proposed detailed business and technical rules of the future SCT Inst scheme which will be an optional scheme.

All stakeholders are encouraged to participate in the public consultation and to share their feedback on the proposed SCT Inst rulebook and the maximum amount per SCT Inst instruction by sending the completed response template (EPC060-16; see ‘related files’ below) by email to change-request.EPC-scheme@epc-cep.eu, by 10 July 2016 at the latest.

The publication of the formal first version of the SCT Inst rulebook is foreseen for November 2016. The SCT Inst scheme itself would enter into force in November 2017, to leave enough time for interested payment service providers to implement the SCT Inst scheme in their organisations.

For more information, refer to this dedicated EPC website page.


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