SEPA Direct Debit Core Rulebook

Direct debit

In November 2014, the European Payments Council () published updated and enhanced versions of the Credit Transfer () and SEPA Direct Debit (SDD) Rulebooks. To ensure planning security for all market participants, publication of the new rulebook versions follows a predictable release management cycle. In accordance with industry best practice, payment service providers and their suppliers have sufficient time to address the rulebook updates ahead of November 2015, when these updates come into effect.

Here you find the Rulebook version 8.1 which takes effect on 22 November 2015. The SDD Core Rulebook version 8.1 will remain in effect until 01 April 2016.

To view the SDD Core Rulebook version to take effect on 20 November 2016, click here.

In April 2015, the EPC published an updated version 8.1 of the SDD Core Rulebook which remains unchanged from a functional or technical point of view, i.e. changes introduced into the updated version are of a purely administrative nature and have no operational impact whatsoever.

As the main change, the version 8.1 of the SDD Core Rulebook includes an updated version of the SEPA Scheme Management Internal Rules (SMIRs), which contain descriptions of the internal organisation, structure, rules, and processes that make up the scheme management of the SCT and SDD Schemes. To learn more about the scheme change management cycle, refer to this dedicated EPC Website page: SCT / SDD Rulebook Release Management.

Annex III of the SDD Core Rulebook version 8.1 lists all changes compared to the previous version 8.0.

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