Creating smart SEPA Solutions

Creating smart SEPA Solutions

New EPC Publication: SEPA for IT Providers

22 October 12

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for IT Providers

The roll-out forces suppliers as well as users of payment services to re-consider strategies: decisions need to be made whether to refrain from any action unless compliance requirements dictate otherwise; whether to outsource all or selected payment processes and / or whether to invest in upgrading existing payment architectures. Alternatively, could be viewed as just one element of a broad strategy designed to dematerialise business processes beyond payments, e.g. to migrate from paper-based and manual procedures towards electronic information exchange within and between organisations acting as buyers and sellers.

In either scenario, the impact on internal processes, IT platforms and delivery channels needs to be assessed. Banks and their customers will have to either modify existing or develop new IT platforms and delivery channels. Many will use the development to replace ageing infrastructures and to refresh systems. Operating models will need to be redefined to realise increased efficiency, improved control and a maximum of consolidation based on the implementation of the new payment instruments and standards

IT providers and consulting firms can significantly contribute to managing the process at the level of individual banks, companies and public administrations by providing the support to identify the appropriate strategy and to implement subsequent changes. At the same time, smart solutions offered by the IT community will accelerate innovation and strengthen the business case for new payment products and services delivered as part of .

The publication " for IT Providers" pinpoints the IT tools required by banks and their customers engaged in the process of implementation. A link to this publication is set out below.

Updated material providing easy access to for customers

The has made available a variety of publications dedicated to the information needs of customers such as consumers, businesses and public administrations and other interested parties. This material includes, among others, the comprehensive brochure "Making a Reality - the definitive Guide to the Single Euro Payments Area" as well as the Shortcut Series featuring key concepts in a 2-page-flyer format. Updated editions of these publications released in September 2009 are now available for download on the web site (see link below).

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publications dedicated to the information needs of consumers, businesses and public administrations and other interested parties can be found following this link:

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