The EPC Newsletter also Makes for a Nice Christmas Present

The EPC Newsletter also Makes for a Nice Christmas Present

Do you agree? Please share your thoughts on this newsletter by completing our reader survey!

23 August 11

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Issued every quarter, the Newsletter is one of the most important tools to engage and communicate with a wide range of stakeholders. The is interested in obtaining the opinion of its readers to ensure that the information being communicated is timely, useful and easy to understand. 

The has commissioned Tpoll, an independent research company, to conduct a short online survey on its behalf. Six simple questions are asked to establish:

  • how important and useful the newsletter is to readers as a source of information;
  • readers' views on the length of articles, considering the complex subject matter covered and that the Newsletter is released four times per year (the publication schedule reflects the meeting schedule of the Plenary, the decision-making body of the );
  • if the content is easy to understand;
  • what readers would like to see more of; and
  • if they can easily source further details using the information links provided.

The survey concludes by providing respondents with an opportunity to offer general comments and requests some basic background details, although names and contact details are not asked for.

Designed to take less than five minutes, Tpoll will aggregate and analyse all responses on behalf of the before offering key recommendations for the 's consideration. Individual responses will not be passed onto the and respondents will not receive any sales calls as a result of participating in this survey.

The results will be used to inform the on how its newsletter needs to evolve in the future to ensure it meets the needs of readers. Content and format changes will be implemented within the next issue to be published in January 2011. Feedback may also inspire and impact other forms of communication to ensure stakeholders can easily access the information required.

Please click on the link below to take part! The would like to thank readers in advance for taking the time to share their thoughts and participate in the survey.  

Click here to participate in the Newsletter Reader Survey.

The members of the Newsletter Editorial Board are: Chair Gerard Hartsink, Vice Chair Claude Brun, Payment Schemes Working Group Chair Javier Santamaría, Cards Working Group Chair Ugo Bechis, Cash Working Group Chair Leonor Machado, M-Channel Working Group Chair Dag-Inge Flatraaker, Legal Support Group Chair Kevin Brown, Standards Support Group Chair Petri Aalto, Information Support Group Chair Ruth Wandhöfer, Nominating and Governance Committee Chair Alirio Fontes, Audit Committee Chair Michael Montoya and Scheme Management Committee Chair Myra Kinghorn.

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