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EPC Scheme Management Committee: Call for Independent Candidates - Applications Invited Until 9 February 2012

25 October 13

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The Credit Transfer ( ) and Direct Debit ( ) Schemes, as set out in the and Rulebooks, are key elements required to achieve the Single Euro Payments Area ( ). The ‘ Scheme Management Internal Rules' (see link below) detail the principles governing the administration of the schemes, the process of ensuring compliance with the rules and the evolution of the schemes. These internal rules aim to ensure that the schemes are administered fairly and transparently at every stage in accordance with the and Rulebooks and general principles of applicable law. The administration and compliance function is performed by the 's Scheme Management Committee (SMC).

The SMC is composed of twelve members, three of which (including the SMC Chair), are independent members. The is now seeking candidates to fill one independent seat on the SMC for the term in office commencing 1 April 2012.

A member of the SMC must display the highest standard of professional integrity and objectivity in relation to scheme management. An independent member should be a professional of good repute, with appropriate skills, who has a reasonable knowledge of the payments services sector. An independent member however, is not employed or otherwise affiliated with a scheme participant (a payment service provider ( ) participating in the and Schemes) or its banking communities, service providers or a payment services user group or user association. A prospective independent member must possess appropriate academic and vocational qualifications for the position together with relevant work experience and a proven track record in a profession.

Specifically, the SMC performs the following tasks:

• Administration and approval of adherence applications relating to wishing to participate in the and Schemes.

• Investigation, evaluation and determination of complaints made against scheme participants in relation to alleged breaches of the rulebooks.

• The SMC may provide a voluntary conciliation service to scheme participants and to the . Conciliation may only be used to determine unresolved issues that arise in respect of the rulebooks. This service is only available where the participant requesting this service can demonstrate that it has used reasonable endeavours to resolve disputes at a local level through national dispute resolution bodies.

• The SMC appeals function determines whether a decision, reached in complaints and adherence matters by the SMC in respect of an affected participant or a rejected applicant at first instance, was correct and, where appropriate, justifies the sanction imposed.

• The SMC oversees the activities of the 's Certification Authority Supervisory Board (CASB). The CASB handles applications from certification authorities who wish to become approved in offering e-mandate services (for details on the CASB see the link ‘ Approval of Certification Authorities' below).

The SMC meets on a regular basis, and generally not less than four times per year, in Brussels. SMC members vested with the responsibility to review applications from seeking adherence to the Schemes meet on a monthly basis either in person or by telephone conference. Independent members of the SMC are entitled to claim a reasonable daily allowance, as well as travel and subsistence expenses.

The invites candidates seeking appointment as an independent member of the SMC to send application letters, including an up-to-date resume, to: secretariat@epc-cep.eu by 9 February 2012.

Applications will be reviewed by the 's Nominating and Governance Committee (NGC). For more information on the NGC refer to the Charter (see link below). The candidate to fill the vacant independent seat on the SMC as of 1 April 2012 will be elected by the Plenary on 22 March 2012.

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