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EPC establishes the Cards Stakeholder Group

30 September 09

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The scope of the CSG

for cards will be achieved to the greatest extent possible through the use of open and free standards, available to all parties within the card payment value chain. The primary objective of the CSG is to contribute to the maintenance and evolution of standards for Cards by analysing proposals for standardisation and defining formal positions and proposing standards for integration in the Cards Standardisation Volume of the . The Volume defines the functional and security requirements as well as the target evaluation methodology and certification architecture that are recommended by the to ensure interoperability within the for Cards market (a link to the Volume is provided below), In addition, the CSG will organise the Cards Stakeholder Forum.

The Cards Stakeholder Forum will continue to be organised about twice a year as a general information forum open to any interested stakeholder.

The CSG will be an open forum held twice a year where CSG members, associate members and interested market participants can exchange views.

Composition of the CSG

The CSG is part of the structure but not an independent legal entity. It is supported by the Secretariat but should define its own rules for governance and daily functioning. Members will be either legally registered entities or de-facto entities that are strongly present in card related services in at least one country. Members will represent the following stakeholder communities: the retail sector, the vendor sector (manufacturing of cards, payment devices and related IT systems), the card transaction processing sector, card schemes and the banking industry (proposed by the ). Members will be appointed for a 2 year, renewable term. Associate Members are parties involved in CSG that will allow non-members to be informed of and contribute to CSG activities. It is recommended that in addition to international standardisation organisations relevant to for Cards (e.g. EMVco, PCI SSC, ISO WG9, etc.), the ECB and the European Commission are invited as observers.

Each sector will have a maximum of five members. For international standardisation organisations, one representative will be present as an observer. The will be represented by the Office Holders: the Chair, the Cards Working Group Chair and three members of the Cards Working Group. The CSG will be co-chaired by the Chair of the Cards Working Group and en elected co-Chair from within the four other sectors of the CSG. The number of members of the CSG will not exceed 25, including the two co-Chairs but excluding the Observers.

Terms of Reference

High level Terms of Reference (ToR) have been defined in such a way that a call for candidates can be issued in July 2009 with a view to scheduling the first CSG meeting in September 2009. It is assumed that membership criteria and the seats will be confirmed by the CSG itself and that the ToR will be refined and proposed to the Plenary in September 2009.

Call for Candidates and Interim Selection Process

In July 2009, the Secretariat will issue a call for candidates for membership in the CSG. Candidates will be asked to send in their applications by end August 2009. This call will be posted on the website and sent by e-mail to all regular participants in the Cards Stakeholders Forum and respondents to the consultation on the Standardisation Volume, provided they fall into the defined Stakeholder categories.

Claude Brun is the Chair of the Cards Working Group.


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