Kick-off of the ERPB working group on e-invoicing solutions related to...

Kick-off of the ERPB working group on e-invoicing solutions related to retail payments

07 March 16

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In June 2015, the Euro Retail Payments Board ( ) endorsed the objective of harmonising electronic invoicing (or e-invoicing) and billing payment services with pan-European reach for consumers and businesses in the Single Euro Payments Area ( ).

In November 2015, the ERPB agreed to set up a working group to address this topic.

Although the uptake of e-invoicing payment services in the is currently at a relatively low level, it is expected to become more relevant in the coming years. The work of this group is therefore of particular importance.

The activity of the working group will start in March 2016 and is focused on achieving the following objectives:

  • The preparation of a report for the meeting in November 2016 which examines the barriers to uptake and integration of e-invoicing solutions in Europe and potential ways to overcome them, as well as analysing the reasons why previous attempts have failed.
  • As part of this report, a review of the landscape of e-invoicing solutions and the gathering and analysis of information from market participants on both the supply and demand sides.

The European Payments Council ( ) is one of the two co-chairs of the working group, alongside the European Association of Corporate Treasurers (EACT) / Business Europe. The looks forward to contributing to the production of a thorough report for submission to the .

In order to ensure the effective and timely delivery of everything that has been agreed by the to date and given other priorities (e.g. implementation of new regulatory requirements) and limited available resources within all stakeholder groups (including the and its members), the is of the view that the should not add any new items to its work plan at the moment. 

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