New EPC Publications available

New EPC Publications available

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22 October 12

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Making a Reality - the definitive Guide to the Single Euro Payments Area

The introduction of the Single Euro Payments Area is the most ambitious project ever undertaken in European payments history. In practice, this means that an entirely new framework of -wide applicable payment schemes and standards has to be put in place to process billions of electronic euro payments. In addition, the appropriate regulatory and legal environment for  implementation needs to be created. Last but not least, customers must get inspired to join the  initiative. This publication is the stepping stone to understanding all aspects of the process and provides the links and sources needed for further research. (This brochure was replaced by new material. Please visit the Website page 'SEPA Customers').

for Business

benefits first and foremost customers. For businesses, common standards, faster settlement and simplified processing will improve cash flow, reduce costs and facilitate the access to new markets. Re-engineering payment processes based on innovative end-to-end solutions will further reduce costs due to standardisation, automation and enhanced banking services. schemes and standards are an integral part of such solutions. This publication delivers practical information for individuals coordinating or seeking to set up a implementation project in any business within the 31 countries. (This brochure was replaced by new material. Please visit the Website page 'SEPA Customers').

for the Public Sector

To reach a critical mass of payments, the engagement of all public administrations is indispensable. The public sector accounts for up to 20 per cent or more of payments made in society. Moving this volume to instruments would significantly contribute to creating critical mass and trigger the adoption of instruments by others, such as corporates and consumers. Given the wider benefits for society, public administrations could and should therefore play a major role in kick-starting migration by setting an example for all customers. This publication provides practical information for individuals in public administrations anywhere coordinating or seeking to set up a implementation project. (This brochure was replaced by new material. Please visit the Website page 'SEPA Customers').

The Shortcut Series

The Shortcut Series offers easy access to essential concepts - on two pages or less. Anybody involved in the payments business - be it a payments services supplier or an individual managing payments in a company or a public administration - can now inhale key  principles within ten minutes.
Shortcut to the SEPA Credit Transfer Scheme, Shortcut to the SEPA Direct Debit Schemes and Shortcut to the SEPA Data Format

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