New EPC Publications now online

New EPC Publications now online

Everything you need to know about SEPA

22 October 12

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The most popular Misunderstandings about - clarified

If you believe that the Payment Services Directive (PSD) is a " -Directive"; if you think that using or offering the Direct Debit is "really complicated" or if you are under the impression that payment instruments are used for "cross-border payments only" - then you might want to consider reading this short publication which clarifies the most popular misunderstandings surrounding the initiative. (This brochure was replaced by new material. Please visit the Website page 'SEPA Customers').

Business: the 10 best reasons to practice

This flyer delivers the ten arguments needed to convince your boss that investing in implementation will benefit your company.

EPC Publication: "Business: the 10 best reasons to practice SEPA"

Public Sector: the 10 best reasons to practice

The focus section of this Newsletter proves that there is room for improvement as regards the engagement of the public sector in the process. This flyer spells out  the most compelling reasons for public administrations to implement .

EPC Publication: "Public Sector: the 10 best reasons to practice SEPA"

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