SEPA B2B Direct Debit: the E-Mandate

SEPA B2B Direct Debit: the E-Mandate

Public consultation is going on now

20 April 12

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The e-mandate feature is now incorporated into the B2B Direct Debit Rulebook

The e-mandate solution is based on secure, widely used online banking services offered by debtor banks today. The debtor can re-use his online banking credentials. No additional means of identification are necessary. It is optional for banks to offer the e-mandate solution. The e-mandate feature has now been incorporated into the B2B Direct Debit Scheme Rulebook.

Prior to its planned publication in June 2009, the B2B Direct Debit Scheme Rulebook is open for public consultation until 14 May 2009. The consultation does not address the main body of the Rulebook, whose content has already been approved by the Plenary in December 2006 (version 1.0) after public consultation in late 2006.

This consultation only covers Appendix VII which contains the e-mandate feature. Further, since the e-Mandate feature was itself the subject of two rounds of consultation in 2007, this consultation focuses only on those areas where the B2B e-mandate feature differs from that described in the Direct Debit Core Scheme.

A template is provided for the use of those wishing to submit comments on the website at

Completed templates should be sent by 14 May 2009 to the Secretariat at:

Comments will then be consolidated and reviewed within the . After analysis, 's responses will be added to a list of consolidated comments and this will be published on the website together with the Rulebook itself (version 1.2) to be approved by the Plenary in June 2009.

B2B Direct Rulebook Release Management in 2009

The B2B Direct Debit Scheme Rulebook version 1.2 will form the basis for first implementation. Scheme Participants, however, will be contractually bound by the provisions of the Rulebook version 1.3 as approved by the Plenary in September 2009 and published on the website immediately afterwards. The Rulebook version 1.3 will become effective on 2 November 2009, the launch date. The changes to be made to the Rulebook in September 2009 are restricted to chapter 5 and to the Internal Rules. These changes will not have any operational impact on the scheme.

Banks will be able to start delivering Business to Business Direct Debit Services as of 2 November 2009.

Christian Westerhaus is the Chair of the Payment Schemes Working Group (SPS WG).

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