SEPA Schemes: EPC approves Release Schedule

SEPA Schemes: EPC approves Release Schedule

Predictable release cycle ensures planning security

26 October 10

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The change management process

The Schemes will evolve over time to reflect changes in market needs and updates in standards. The Scheme Management Internal Rules (SMIR) governing the administration and the development of the Schemes foresee the poss ibility of an annual release for the Schemes. The SMIR define the rules to be observed whereby may introduce changes in the Scheme Rulebooks (SMIR section 3.1.4). This change management process ensures a maximum of transparency, predictability and stakeholder involvement.

Suggestions for changes to the Schemes may be submitted by any interested party including scheme participants (banks), customers, service providers or representatives thereof. Such suggestions may also be brought forward by bodies within the .

The Payment Schemes Working Group (SPS WG) will then analyse the suggestions received applying the related criteria spelled out in the SMIR and prepare a specific change request with respect to a given Scheme Rulebook. This change request is subject to a 90-day public consultation. Taking into consideration the results of the consultation, the SPS WG develops a change proposal, e.g. an updated version of the Scheme Rulebook for consideration by the Plenary. When approved by the Plenary, the updated Rulebook will take effect in accordance with the release schedule outlined above.


Timeline for release in 2010

The next release of the Rulebook is now scheduled to go live in November 2010. The chart below illustrates the timeline of the change management process leading up to the go-live date in November 2010. The important point to note is the deadline for to receive suggestions for change, being 28 February 2009. Suggestions received after the deadline risk being queued for consideration for a possible Rulebook release in November 2011.

Stakeholders are invited to send well-founded suggestions for change to the Credit Transfer Scheme Rulebook to the . For that  purpose, they are requested to complete and forward the EPC's Suggestion template by end February 2009. The public consultation of the change request regarding the next Rulebook release takes place between May and August 2009. Please visit the website for further details.

Herman Segers is the Secretary General of the .

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