The Way is the Goal

The Way is the Goal

New book on the (rocky) road to EU payments integration

22 February 11

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The book " Payments Integration. The Tale of , PSD and Other Milestones Along the Road" (ISBN 9780230243477) provides a comprehensive assessment of the 's legislation in the field of payments with a particular focus on the Payment Services Directive (PSD). It identifies ambiguities and shortcomings of relevant law impacting the provision of payment services and analyses the interdependency of these initiatives with a broader set of payments-related legislation. In addition, it is a pathfinder helping to understand the forces governing the process. Most importantly, the book empowers readers to stay on top of the developments shaping the integration of the euro payments market. Hence, it is an essential read in particular for payment professionals and legal experts who wish to engage in this most ambitious project in European payments following the introduction of the euro.

Lao-Tse - as observed in a previous issue of this newsletter - intimated that "less and less do you need to force things, until finally you arrive at non-action. When nothing is done, nothing is left undone." This is certainly true from a Tao perspective; however, in this instance it might be more appropriate to stick with the teachings of Gandhi: the way is the goal and most stakeholders recognise that there remain a number of action items to be completed on the rocky road to payments integration. The book " Payments Integration. The Tale of , PSD and Other Milestones Along the Road ", delivers the insight required to drive forward this harmonisation exercise.

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Ruth Wandhöfer chairs the PSD Expert Group and is a member of the Plenary. She also chairs the Information Security Support Group.

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