Discover the Consumer Leaflet on Contactless Payments Created by ERPB ...

Discover the Consumer Leaflet on Contactless Payments Created by ERPB Members

06 September 16

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The publishes a consumer leaflet on contactless payments, explaining their benefits and how they work, and addressing some concerns that the general public might have about their security. This leaflet was created with the support of the European Central Bank (which translated it into all European Union Languages), the , the consumer organisation, BEUC (liaising with AGE Platform Europe) and the retailers association, EuroCommerce, which are all members of the Euro Retail Payments Board ( ). It is one tangible result of the ERPB report on contactless, published in November 2015. The conclusion of this report was that the European market is fragmented in terms of maturity in the adoption of contactless payment solutions, and the implementation of the technical standards. In order to reach harmonised contactless proximity payments and a more uniform customer experience in Europe, one of the recommendations of the was to “enhance society awareness on contactless payments”, something that this leaflet will contribute to do.

Contactless payments (made either with a card or a mobile) offer many advantages, such as user-friendliness, faster check out, and cost-effectiveness for society. Overall, they make the payment experience better. In addition, they can reduce the use of less cost-effective payment instruments, such as cash and cheques.

On top of this leaflet about contactless designed for consumers, training material for retailer staff is also being created by the .

Are you already familiar with the below sign, meaning that you can pay with a contactless instrument?

Help to spread the word about the convenience of contactless payments to your family and friends, and share the leaflet with them! And if you have not yet paid contactless try it!

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