EPC Blog - Getting Ready to Make the First SEPA Instant Credit Transfe...

EPC Blog - Getting Ready to Make the First SEPA Instant Credit Transfers Possible in November 2017: An Interview with Hays Littlejohn, EBA Clearing’s CEO

15 September 16

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We are in the starting blocks to publish the finalised Instant Credit Transfer ( ) scheme rulebook, in November! While we are currently analysing the over 350 change requests we received during the public consultation, the market is already getting ready to propose transactions as soon as in November 2017. In particular, the Clearing and Settlement Mechanisms (CSMs) community has not remained idle these last months. Though the infrastructure layer is decisive to make transactions happen, it is outside the ’s mission, and therefore of the rulebook’s scope.

We are however curious to learn more about the -compliant CSMs’ solutions. After our interview with Equens' CEO earlier this year, we continue our series of Blogs on the scheme with Hays Littlejohn, CEO of Clearing, another major European CSMs.

In this interview, Hays Littlejohn talks about the key success factors of the scheme. At the top of the priorities list stands sound risks management. In addition, Hays Littlejohn discloses some of the features of Clearing’s instant payment solution, such as flexibility in order to allow Payment Service Providers ( ) to process transactions with features above the standard scheme. Click here to learn more and read the interview.

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