EPC Blog - Public Consultations on the SCT and SDD Rulebooks: the Main...

EPC Blog - Public Consultations on the SCT and SDD Rulebooks: the Main Change Requests Explained

31 March 16

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In this Blog, Jean-Yves Jacquelin, Chair of the Scheme Evolution and Maintenance Working Group, outlines the change requests that could have the most significant impact on the schemes.

The Credit Transfer ( ), Direct Debit Core ( ), and Business-to-Business ( ) scheme rulebooks are subject to public consultations until 4 July 2016. These consultations are designed to ensure that the schemes reflect market’s needs and technological changes.

The called for suggestions to the existing rulebooks in 2015. All stakeholders (Payment Service Providers, end users, technical players) are now invited to submit their comments on the nearly 40 change requests received.

Jean-Yves Jacquelin highlights in this Blog some examples of change requests and what they would mean for the schemes’ development, and encourages all stakeholders to have their say and participate in the public consultation.

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