EPC Blog: Summer reading – food for thought on the future of European ...

EPC Blog: Summer reading – food for thought on the future of European payments

06 August 14

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In January 2009, the European Payments Council ( ), representing the European banking industry in relation to payments, launched the free online Newsletter. Issued quarterly, it reports on activities and latest developments in the Single Euro Payments Area ( ). In addition, the newsletter serves as a platform offering food for thought on a range of payment topics which have been contributed by professionals representing various stakeholder groups including payment service users, and regulators, as well as payment and other service providers.

The European Union ( ) authorities driving the process have clarified that migration to harmonised payment schemes and technical standards, as mandated by law, does not conclude this integration project. remains a work in progress and, consequently, various regulatory initiatives intended to bring about ‘ 2.0’ are now in the pipeline. (The July 2014 edition of the Newsletter offers an overview of these initiatives; see ‘related links’ below.)

The Blog published on 7 August 2014 (see ‘related links’ below) highlights contributions to the Newsletter from experts in the field commenting on the factors that promote further integration of and innovation within the payments market. Readers who have not yet had the opportunity to explore the fresh perspectives offered by the articles cited might consider adding these to their summer reading list. The links to the Newsletter articles mentioned in this blog are included in the ‘related links’ at the foot of the blog.

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