EPC Blog: Update on outcomes following the Euro Retail Payments Board’...

EPC Blog: Update on outcomes following the Euro Retail Payments Board’s third meeting: Instant Payments in Euro, Person-to-Person Mobile Payments, Technical Standards Related to Payment Cards and E-invoicing Payment Issues

09 July 15

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At the 29 June 2015 meeting, the members took note of the status of past recommendations and agreed next steps with regard to the following topics: instant payments in euro, person-to-person ( ) mobile payments, technical standards related to payment cards and e-invoicing payment issues.

Anthony Richter, chair of the ad hoc working group on instant payments, presented the group’s report which the welcomed as “an important step towards achieving pan-European instant payments in euro”.

In response to recommendations from a report provided by the working group on mobile payments, the members of the subsequently agreed to “endorse the vision of allowing any person to initiate a pan-European mobile payment safely and securely, using a simple method with information the counterparty is prepared to share in order to make a payment”.

The agreed with the findings of a detailed report on the market initiatives to develop technical standards (“implementation specifications”) delivered by the Card Stakeholders Group (CSG), a multi-stakeholder group of which the is a member.

Finally, on the basis of a note prepared by the Secretariat, the endorsed the objective of a harmonised electronic invoice/bill presentment & payment (EIPP/EBPP) service for payers and payees, and an electronic invoicing/billing network for payees to reach all consumers and businesses in Europe.

The ’s blog outlines the agreements reached at the meeting and provides an update on the resulting actions which will be taken in the months to come. The stands ready to continue its active contribution to the objectives and work of the as well as to the implementation of the agreed upon recommendations, with the full involvement of all other stakeholders. Updates regarding meetings and with regard to the delivery of updated feedback and recommendations can be expected in due course.

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