EPC Blog – The View of Swedish Instant Payment Players on the SCT Inst...

EPC Blog – The View of Swedish Instant Payment Players on the SCT Inst Scheme

02 May 16

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The publishes a new Blog on the Instant Credit Transfer ( ) scheme, which will be a turning point in making pan-European instant credit transfers in euro a reality. While the public consultation on this scheme will be running until 10 July (check this page if you want to find out more on the consultation), the would like to share what key stakeholders think of this scheme proposition.

We launch this series of Blogs with an interview with two bankers who participated in the steering committee for the implementation project of the Swedish mobile instant payment solution, Swish, and later in the board for Getswish AB, governing the Swish services. For Gunnel Silvén and Henrik Bergman, instant payments are already a reality in their country. This makes their point of view on the scheme especially interesting. How do the key features of the scheme (duration and amount) compare with those offered by Swish? What lessons could the ’s pan-European scheme learn from the Swish experience? How would they expect the scheme to evolve in the medium run? Gunnel Silvén and Henrik Bergman answer these questions, and more, in this Blog.

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