The EPC Card Fraud Prevention Forum is Looking for Stakeholder Partici...

The EPC Card Fraud Prevention Forum is Looking for Stakeholder Participants

23 February 16

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Payment stakeholders with a thorough knowledge of card fraud prevention issues are invited to submit an application to join the European Payments Council’s ( ) Card Fraud Prevention Forum.

This Forum’s mission is to identify and promote card fraud prevention practices and tools within the card industry, and to develop initiatives to fight against card fraud. Among its deliverables, it will produce reports, analyse problems, and propose solutions related to card fraud prevention.

Given the persistence of card fraud in Europe, the decided to revive the card fraud prevention body that used to exist as an task force. It will be composed of up to thirty members. On top of up to ten members from the , the invites card stakeholders to submit their application:

  • Up to five seats will be allocated to experts coming from card schemes;
  • And up to five to experts coming from the retail sector, including e-merchants.

In addition, the wishes to encourage applications for observer seats (up to ten), from:

  • Experts from non-commercial organisations working in the card fraud prevention area;
  • European public authorities and organisations.

Interested stakeholders are invited to submit their application by 31 March 2016. The Board will approve the membership of the Forum, which should meet for the first time in May 2016.

More information about the membership criteria, process of application, as well as about the role and activities of the Card Fraud Prevention Forum, can be found in this document.

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