The EPC Invites all Payment Stakeholders to Participate in its 10 Dece...

The EPC Invites all Payment Stakeholders to Participate in its 10 December Workshop Dedicated to Person-to-Person Mobile Payments

05 October 15

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Update of 12-11-2015: the Person-to-Person mobile payments workshop was initially planned on 10 December 2015. Due to conflicting agendas, the decided to reschedule the workshop to 21 January 2016. This News has been updated with the new date.

The European Payments Council is hosting on 21 January 2016 a stakeholders workshop focused on Person-to-Person ( ) mobile payments. mobile payments is becoming a growing topic of interest in the payment industry, and currently covers more than 50 local coexisting solutions.

A workshop to facilitate the interoperability of European mobile payment solutions

This workshop aims to facilitate the cooperation of existing and future mobile payment solutions, in order to ensure their interoperability on a pan-European level. It follows the Euro Retail Payments Board’s recommendations on mobile payments.

The workshop will cover the following topics:

  • The development of a set of rules and standards enabling pan-European mobile payment services.
  • The governance structure responsible for the management of this set of rules.
  • The creation of a harmonised method allowing mobile payment data to be exchanged among solutions (i.e., a ‘Standardised Proxy Lookup service’), so that any user can potentially reach any other user in Europe.
  • Current and forthcoming data protection regulation which could affect interoperable mobile payment solutions.

Payment stakeholders wishing to participate are encouraged to register their interest

All payment stakeholders, on the supply (including, amongst others, payment services providers and technical players) as well as on the demand side (consumers organisations for instance), are invited to participate in this free of charge workshop, which will take place in Brussels. Interested parties can register their interest by sending an email to by 7 December 2015, including a brief description of their relevant interest. The will get back to all interested parties with the venue details and agenda of the workshop.

For more information on the workshop and criteria to participate, read the full call for participation.

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