EPC Newsletter: Latest Edition Focuses on the Most Appropriate Approac...

EPC Newsletter: Latest Edition Focuses on the Most Appropriate Approach to Fostering Further Integration of, and Innovation within, SEPA.

24 October 13

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The July 2012 edition of the Newsletter (see link below) focuses on the most appropriate approach to fostering further integration of, and innovation within, the Single Euro Payments Area ( ).

This edition features four articles, which cover the ongoing innovations in the euro payments debate:

  • Javier Santamaría, Chairman of the European Payments Council ( ), points out that the European Union ( ) authorities considered full migration to harmonised payment schemes as the precondition to creating efficient and innovative euro payment services. In the euro area, will only be achieved by 1 February 2014. He therefore questions the argument that a 'lack' of integration and innovation in today's euro payments market justifies further regulatory intervention. The European Commission will communicate by the end of 2012 its vision for the next phase of and, in particular, its governance including the future role of the .
  • Günther Gall, Vice Chairman, outlines the most important factors driving forward innovation in the market, including customer demand and a viable business model.
  • Dirk Schrade highlights the main findings of the 'Innovations in Retail Payments' Report published by the Committee on Payments and Settlement Systems.
  • Simon Crown and Maria Troullinou discuss the regulatory implications of the European Commission's Green Paper 'Towards an Integrated European Market for Card, Internet and Mobile Payments'.

With this edition, we include a poll designed to identify the topics which are most relevant to Newsletter readers. Please take a minute and participate. We have also introduced a comment function on all article pages and invite you to share your thoughts on the topics discussed in the Newsletter.

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